JONIŠKIO TAURĖ 2017, qualification to FCI world agility championship 2017 (second round)

Date: 01-02.07.2017
Place: S. Goeso street 2, LT-84143 Joniškis, Lithuania
Judge: Reetta Pirttikoski (Suomija)
Surface: natural grass
Size of a square: 20X40 m.
Limit for participants: 100

Competition schedule:


Registration - 09.30
Competition starts at - 10.00

I Open (*) Agility
II Open (*) Agility CACAg

I Open (*) Jumping
II Open (*) Jumping

I Beginners (**) A0 course
II Beginners (**) A0 course


Registration - 08.30
Competition starts at - 9.00

III Beginners (**) A0 course
IV Beginners (**) A0 course

III Open (*) Jumping
IV Open (*) Jumping CACAg

III Open (*) Agility
IV Open (*) Agility

(*) Open (A1, A2, A3 classes) participants each day of the competition will run 4 courses (2 Agility and Jumping 2).
For Lithuanian (LKD members) dogs with pedigree the results is calculated as the qualification to FCI world agility championship 2017 (II round).

(**) Beginners courses (A0) consists of tunnels and jumps. Dogs are registered to categories according FCI rules and jump one level smaller height. In beginners class (A0) can participate only dogs, who is older than 12 months.

CACAg tittle is awarded to the winners of II Open Agility/IV Open Jumping courses with clear runs in all height categories.

REGISTRATION and entry fee:

Competitions require advance registration until 2017-06-25 (Sunday) (including)

Entry fee:
For Open (A1, A2, A3) participants :
30 EUR – both days,
20 EUR – one day.

There is possibility to choose only Agility or only Jumping:
10 EUR Agility I+Agility II (Saturday)
10 EUR Agility III+Agility IV (Sanday)
10 EUR Jumping I+ Jumping II (Saturday)
10 EUR Jumping III +Jumping IV (Sanday)

For beginners (A0):
18 EUR – both days,
10 EUR – one day.

Šiaulių šunų mylėtojų klubas
Įmonės kodas 193123560
Bankas Swedbank A/s LT837300010129211971
Payment confirmations please send to Šis el. pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlių. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį..

The entry fee must be payed nevertheless the participant doesn't present at the competition

Please fill registration forms here (online):

List of participants (online):



Each day awarding in each class for both agility (Agility I+ Agility II on Saturday, and Agility III+Agility IV on Sunday) and jumping (Jumping I + Jumping II on Saturday and Jumping III and Jumping IV on Sunday) courses together. Large, Medium and Small categories will be awarded separately.

Every category (Small, Medium or Large), in which are three dogs or less, at organizers’ discretion can be awarded by summarizing with another category (ex. Small+Medium).

Organizers have a right to give additional prize.

Additional information:

Competition will be held according to the rules of FCI Agility and LKD agility competition organizing.
Organizer of the competition has a right to change a judge for the beginners (A0) courses.
Only vaccinated dogs can participate in the competition.
Dogs without pedigree documents can also participate in the competition.
Bitches in heat start from a rug, organizers of the competition should be informed about it at the moment of a registration in the competition place.